King Garvan has ruled Faringdale for almost 50 years. The first 5 years of his rule were tumultuous, but he succeeded in consolidating his rule and growing his small kingdom into a wealthy land. The main method by which this consolidation prevailed was by his use of a black group of mercenaries chosen from the best soldiers and adventurers around. This group operates entirely outside the constraints of the law. None of its members bear any insignia or other physical manifestation of their group yet they each know when another is present. The king quietly divides them into squads, often pairing new recruits with older members and rotating parties around so that no alliance within a group can threaten the others or the king. This group’s primary mission is two-fold. Keep the peace. Protect the borders. To keep the peace they eliminate rebellious tendencies in the population-particularly the nobles-by means ranging from a letter of gratitude from the king to poison. The borders are protected by an extensive network of spies in all of the neighboring countries including the Metes Empire to the west of the Storm Horn Mountains, the dwarves of Adkar Keep to the north, and the island of Waverly off to the east. This group of mercenaries are completely loyal to the king and none are able to gain any unbalancing power due to the fragmented nature of the group. In the rare cases that a squad has gone rogue the other squads have fallen upon them with the force of a thunderbolt and removed the threat. If there were to be an official name for this group it would be the Whispered Sentinels.

Whispers of Faringdale

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